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Thread: need some help with the radio

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    need some help with the radio

    i have a dlink dsb-r100 radio and im putting the line into the linein however im not able to control the mute/unmute very well, i checked the settings and it has the mute on exit but it dosnt seem to unmute when i go back. so i have to control the volume of the linein manually. does anyone know of a good way of controling the mute/unmute?

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    you have to mute the line-in on windows volume control panel and select line-in for the recording source. then select mute on exit in mediacar and select line-in as the source in winamp. you have to manually go into the mediacar directory and start winamp from there and go to the pref section and select line-in under input.
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    well that worked pretty well cept that to mute the line i have to exit media car completly, is there a way to mute it if i leave the radio screen?

    heh nevermind its working perfectly thank your for the quick reply!

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    come up to another problem, instead of shutting the pc down i just use the hibernate so shutdowning down and bootup goes faster. after booting up the pc from hibernate when i go the radio the system crashes pretty hard. it dosnt bluescreen or anything, just reboots and does a harddrive scan. Anyone else seen this or have any idea how to fix this?

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