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Thread: XM PCR External App

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    Quote Originally Posted by heywire
    I'm running the stock XMPCR home antenna...
    So if I were to buy the XMPCR, could I just get a replacement antenna (a small one) and it will plug into the XMPCR module? Are there any controls on the module that I need to use? Because, I would like to have it hidden in the glove box and only the antenna exposed.
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    The XMpcr module has only inputs and outputs along with a power light (not even a switch since it's powered via usb). I highly suggest you get the Toslink (optical audio) version if you plan on feeding it through a higher quality sound system. It has much better high frequency response.

    The original antenna is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. I got a mini antenna (about the size of a couple of pats of butter) and it works great.

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