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Thread: balance slider will not stay "up" so i only get left speaker...MC v1.9

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    balance slider will not stay "up" so i only get left speaker...MC v1.9

    not sure if this should be in bugs...

    i'm using Win98 on a Compaq laptop. in the Music app, when i click on the tool icon and get to the master mixer, eq, etc. my balance is set all the way left. i can drag the slider to the 50% L/R mix, but the slider just goes back to 0% (Left only).

    any ideas or fix out there?

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    there should be a setting in your hardware "move both l / r controls together" or something like that, click on the speaker in your control panel and dig around there.

    good luck
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    this problem is keeping me from using MC. there's no point to using it if i can't have both speakers working...

    i tried looking at my hardware controls, etc. there's no 'move controls together' or anything. i tried pointing it to my other copy of Winamp (which allows both speakers to be heard and balance control when run stand-alone) but it still won't work in MC. i don't get it. it must be a bug in MC since it works by itself... anyone else have this problem?

    i just uninstalled then re-installed MC and it didn't fix anything. fyi - i have also installed the MC update.

    i'm stumped!


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