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Thread: MobileWeb v1.0 for MediaCar Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramez75 View Post
    Guys i downloaded the Mobileweb and am using BMV2 i put the folder in the RR folder as a start and made a button on the and added this in the ExecTBL.ini

    "LOAD_MOBILEWEB", "LOAD;;"RUN;C:\Program Files\Road Runner\mobileweb\mobileweb.exe"

    when i click the button the Window open but independently in a window browser and the letters on the button are half on the button and the rest not and cant see the exist button. SO i said "YES" for embedded in the mobileweb.ini and now i click the button on the the window is bigger so i can see the exit button but still the letters arent on the button and it doesnt open in the skin that i assigned for it.

    Any help will be appreciated

    I use this in MC2....

    &button11=My Travel Info@LOAD;;Mobile Web;C:\MobileWeb\mobileweb.exe;mweb&
    I'm sure you can suss what you need from there.


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    Where can i download mobileweb

    hi everyone....
    I can't find any place where i can download this file.
    Hope anybody can help me.

    I need mobile web.

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    Sorry I deleted the downloads from my home directory on the work servers - I forgot they were still hosted there.

    I've found them on the backup tapes and will get someone to stick the tapes in tommorow.
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    I raise this post because I found this little program very interresting and fast.

    I have a little problem, I can not write mobileweb with OSK, for example, when I'm on the google page and I want to do a search, I press the button that I OSK created in my skin, I have the OSK opens, but when I type a text and I valid in the OSK, nothing is written in google.

    Thank you for helping me.

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    people to help me?

    someone would have an alternative because it is a very useful soft and light, if it is not possible to use the OSK RR in this case would it not be possible to add a virtual keyboard directly into the software? I saw that the sources were available, but I am unable to change myself.

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