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Thread: Volume Increases on incomming calls

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    Volume Increases on incomming calls

    Hi Well this is kind of strange.
    ( I am running Phone control and Media car together. )
    Now when i recieve an incomming call the Volume of Music increases ( instead of decreasing ) and when i hang up the call (and phone control in not in view ) I can see the Volume Slider going down to its original setting.
    Now what i understand It should be other way round. ie when i get a call the volume should go down and when the call is finished the volume should increase. Isnt it suppose to be like this ?
    and suggestions ???

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    I had the same problem. PhoneControl sets the volue to a pre-defined percentage. Here is how I changed it:

    Open /Program Files/PhoneControl/PhoneCtl.Config.xml in MS Word

    Go to "MainWindow" and change

    MainVolumeOnCall restoreVolume="True">5%</MainVolumeOnCall

    I think it was originally set at 20% volume, which is fairly loud in my car. If I was listening to music at 10% volume, then it would be much louder when the phone rang. As you can see above, I changed mine to 5%.

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    thanx a ton will try to work on this line
    and let u konw the status

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