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Thread: GPS issue with MediaCar

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    GPS issue with MediaCar

    I've been using MediaCar for a month or more now and really prefer it over others mostly because of the embedded Mappoint GPS. Mappoint was a pain to try to go through all the button pushes to get things going using a touchscreen while driving...

    Anyway, I am having a problem with the GPS not updating. When using MediaCar, it tracks my position just fine for a few seconds and thne it will sort of lock up... showing no position. Sometimes it will catch up quickly and other times it may take 30 sec. When using Mappoint alone it NEVER does this. I thought at first it might have something to do with GPS signal, but the same route works perfectly in Mappoint that acts up in MediaCar.

    I also thought it might be a memory issue but I've sort of ruled that out too. Any tips here?

    I am running an Epia M10000 with 256 mb RAM (16 for video) and a 15GB hard drive (mostly full... have min swap of 512MB and max of 756MB)and GPS mouse.


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    Just in case anyone else has this problem... I deleted the map.ptm file in the mediacar directory and now all is right. Not sure what caused the problem but I know how to fix it now

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