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Thread: Embedded iGuidance Window Size?

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    Embedded iGuidance Window Size?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm slowly collecting the parts I need for my Car PC. I was testing my 7" lilliput with a laptop and Media Car. I had Media Car embed iGuidance, and it seems to embed correctly except that the start menu appears on the bottom and the iGuidance does not take up the whole screen (there is probably around an inch of space on the bottom of the screen). When I touch the bar above iGuidance (the Media Car bar w/ the close/exit buttons), the start menu goes away but the iGuidance window stays the same size. I'm hoping I can get iGuidance to take up as much screen as possible. Does this happen to anyone else, and is there a way around it? Thanks for your time.

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    same problem, anyone have a solution?

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    Same thing with routis and it's not the screen, but the resolution. It will not fill up the whole screen on the 800X600. If you go to 1024X768 and run mediacar at 800x600, when i run routis it embeds the whole screen but drop resolution down and it won't. At 1024X768 it will run full screen stand alone. It probably has something to do with display that they had to do it that way, pixel size and all. It is probably the nativeresolution of the nav engine.

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    i got this problem also.. isnt there a way to force a certain window size on an application window?! i mean if i open it separatly outside of media car.. it fills up the entire screen.. since media car launches it embeded there must be a way to MANUALY (code) change the window size.. this way we can grow it past the bottom and get rid of that retarded status bar on the bottom cuz its useless as far as i know.
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