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Thread: MediaCar & Resume from Standby issues

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    MediaCar & Resume from Standby issues

    I have just installed my CarPuter and I had some general questions on how to improve stability when resuming from standby. Many times when resuming from standby I receive device errors.

    When I play a DVD, WinDVD 6 does not run embedded with MediaCar though I have it selected. Any suggestions on how I can better incorporate this program into mediacar?

    Carputer Setup:
    Windows XP SP1
    MediaCAr (Brushed Aluminum - Toyota Skin)
    WinDVD 6.0
    Microsoft Mappoint 2004
    VIA M10000
    256 RAM
    100 Gig 5.25" HD
    BU-303 GPS
    Linksys WUSB54G
    Opus 150 Watt

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    have u tried hybernating instead, do u get device errors with that? this will save battery power..
    i use zoomplayer to play dvds, it seems to work well embedded in media car, and using touchscreen isnt that bad either..

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