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Thread: Resolution problems with mediacar

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    Question Resolution problems with mediacar

    I'm sorry, i may just be thick headed, but i can't seem to get this to work.

    I have a p2 400mhz computer with a diamond stealth II g460 video card. I installed mediacar, and i can't seem to get it to fit my screen. I tried downloading new video drivers to make the correct resolution available. I tried everything, and it still won't work. Is there maybe an option in mediacar where i can basically fit mediacar to my screen?

    It just seems wierd that i have to find the correct resolution in order to make the program fit teh screen instead of the program fitting whatever resolution the screen is on like most other programs.

    Oh my lcd monitor is a DWW-7VGT from
    here's a direct link to my monitor:

    Please help as this is one of the last things remaining on my carputer.

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    Go into MediaCar setup (Start -> Programs -> Coyote MEDIACAR -> MEDIACAR Setup) and go to the Appearance tab, and change the "Show Size" to the resolution of your display.

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