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Thread: Cannot Start winamp?

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    Cannot Start winamp?

    ok boy I have a little strange problem..

    Yesterday I have installed winzzoz SP2 (to use bluetooth internal driver, the only that permitt me to create a bluetooth "lan"). I know the problem of firewall and I have deactivate it

    I have installed since 2 month both mediacar and mediaengine and yesterday have installed Frodoplayer..

    why now when I run mediacar a bastard message tell me

    "cannot start WINAMP" and mediacar wont start too


    can anyone help me?

    I have reinstalled winamp and mediacar but nothing work now

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    sp2 sucks, cant u use widcomm drivers to create a bt lan?
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    No i don't know why but I can able to create a pan (personal area network) only with the standard driver of windows xp SP2 for bluetooth

    I can retry tomorrow

    but for the winamp problem?

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    nothing to do..

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    i get the same error

    i have to close MC and reopen it and the second time it works but anoying

    a Fix would be Loved lol

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