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Thread: Video Files???

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    Question Video Files???

    Wow.... I must be missing something here.... I see in MC setup where to add file extensions for Video. I put the path to the video files, but for some reason I can't seem to figure out where to PLAY mpg, avi, etc.... MP3 has nothing, Divx only shows Divx files, and DVD is just PowerDVD!!!

    Some one please point my dumb *** in the right direction..... I searched and searched for an answer but no one else is asking this question, so it must be right in front of me but I'm not seeing it....

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    Should be under Divx...

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    Okay.. I got them to show up. But if I try to play any .asf files the screen just says loading, if I shut down media car I get a fatal error.

    Does media car not support .asf files?


    Well they just started working all of a sudden..... I didn't change anything.....

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