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Thread: PhoneControl embedded in Mediacar?

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    Lightbulb PhoneControl embedded in Mediacar?

    Tested Phonecontrol 1.3 today with my SonyEricsson T610.
    GREAT No use to buy a dedicated bluetooth headset anymore!

    But i was wondering if PhoneControl can run embedded within Mediacar?

    I installed it as a 'launch' application. It does work, but I have to minimize Phonecontrol to access mediacar again and then this transparant button is on my screen constantly. Also when I receive a call, Phonecontrol cranks up the volume to 100%, not nice when you're playing mp3s at the same time.

    Are there possibilities for running it with MediaCar. Has anyone experimented with it?

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    I think your issues are with phonecontrol itself.

    the transparent minimized thing can also be switched off. Check out the documentation

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