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Thread: Interested in continue developing

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    Interested in continue developing

    I'm an italian independent software developer,
    I work as external/autonomous consultant for some italian industries.

    I'd like to partecipate in continue developing MediaCar,
    because I use it on my car (it's my office :-),
    principally in order to add:

    - RADIO&TV section and control for some devices (i.e. WayJet WT321-TF radio&TV tuner)

    - UMTS/GPRS section for interactive services (i.e. video-phoning)

    If someone can contact Coyote or he himself could contact me :-)

    Francesco aka Frank


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    Tornerebbe utile qualcuno che riprendesse il discorso interrotto ormai mesi fa da Coyote con Mediacar.

    Spero abbia un seguito positivo la tua proposta.



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    azz quanti italiani! io sto smanettando ultimamente con mediacar per cercare di far funzionare radio ed applicazioni varie, mi servirebbe giusto il supporto di qualche programmatore per portare avanti alcuni progetti

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