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Thread: Dont shoot - just d link query!

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    Dont shoot - just d link query!

    Hey all


    Is there any solution to the mediacar problem with Dlink USB radio yet?

    I think this is By far the best front end out there. Used to use media engine, but swaying towards this.... but only if i can find a decent solution for the dreaded dlink problem.

    Hibernation works fine, but when i select radio i get BSOD.

    Now, one option is to not use hibernation, as the dlink works fine with this. However, the pc takes around 1min to boot and thats rather a long time.

    If i continue to use hibernation, which would be ideal, i need a dlink fix. Dont like radiator...

    Please someone have a decent solution! This is like the very last step to completing my carPC. If this doesnt work i might resort back to mediacar.

    On a side note, things i have found great in mediacar which ME doesnt have:

    Zoom facility in films (wicked)
    Mute facility (not completely solved, but still good progress)
    Ease of use

    Cheers all. Dont forget, I have and but was hoping that some development has cured it!

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    Ok so i assume by lack of replies there is no fix.

    So how long is a standard boot for most people? I have XP running on it, and it takes around 1 minute to boot into windows ready to play music. I need it shorter, and I cannot use hibernation.
    So, recommendations please. What can i remove to increase speed of boot up?
    Have looked at gedit.msc but got a little confused, couldnt find much there...

    Otherwise, what else can i do to sort this? its the last and only problem I have left.
    Cheers peeps! Please reply!

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