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Thread: please help newbie with mediacar...

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    please help newbie with mediacar...

    hello all.....

    i have search for mediacar walk through but nothing came up.. so here what i did...
    I downloaded mediacar at
    then try to download <<<< but this is where i got loss.. the page is in french and i have no glue what to do where to look... does mediacar doen't work withour this file??

    when i try me mediacar it give me an error message saying
    " Error number:380"
    "invalid property value"
    "Debug infomation: MediaCar.Frm_main_menu.Loadskin"

    please help... thanx in advance

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    download the link u sent me but the error message still pop up...

    sorry for asking too much help but this mediaCar is not working for me..

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