I downloaded your Photoshop PSD files and was wondering what are the correct steps for resizing the 848x480 to 800x600. Everything I try will not get the same size as the 800x600 blue glow mediacar skin you made.

I am using Photoshop 7. Thanks for some great skins and PSD's to modify for our own.

Also I have started coding my own Front End. It is written in Delphi at the moment, I may move to Visual C++ later with it. I will keep you informed. Right now it will play media through WinAmp and someother stuff. It is a work in progress and not skinable yet, all bitmaps are hardcoded to files. I am using the FastGraph graphics library that I bought years ago to help.

Here's a screen shot, notice the skin.... It looks and acts like MediaCar, but isn't. I will have real VU meters for audio and all that BLING BLING eyecandy.

Some Delphi shots for those that care....

I'll keep you informed if interested and also if you could help on that resize tip. I am running my 7" monitor in 800x600 native is 800x480 but I can't get powerstrip to work right and I like the 800x600 look anyway.


NOTE: I am making this frontend for myself and do not have plans at the moment to go any further. For those that would like the source code when I am done, then you are welcome to it.