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Thread: a few noob questions

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    a few noob questions

    hi guys,

    i just had a couple questions about MediaCar, i Downloaded and installed MC on my main desktop PC to have a stuff around, trying front ends and so far i like this one, mainly coz it has nice big buttons i can stab at while driving, lol

    anyways, i just wanted to know,

    1, is there a seek\skip bar like the one in media player?

    2, is there a way to get rid of menu buttons i wont use, (like GPS coz i am too cheap to buy a reciever atm)

    um.... i think thats all i wanted to know..... oh yeah, can you change the background of the program, cos baby blue isnt exactly working with my current stock 87 celica colour scheme

    thanks guys

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    Go to the "Official Skin Presentation" thread at the top of this section. You can DL those and use them. I prefer Febspranza's Brushed Metal skin.
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