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Thread: MediaCar /NM Dest 3 error

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    MediaCar /NM Dest 3 error

    I have everything working correctly, but when I quit MediaCar, I get this error ...

    Error Details:

    Number: 390
    Description: Can't access hDC outside event sub if HasDC is False or Windowless is True
    Source: Render_Speed
    Version: 1.1.329 BETA3
    HelpContext: 1000390
    LastDllError: 0

    The message never goes away ... the only way I can clear it is to kill it with Task Manager.

    I am running XP sp2.


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    Sure you have launch the D3 setup correctly,and unzip e replace only the all file in the Hotfix3 by NM ?
    I use mediacar embedded of D3 and work perfectly.


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    I think that's because mediacar doesn't close the GPS app when it quits. Just make sure to close D3 beforehand.

    Or use the new REMediacar software
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