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Thread: Nothing is working

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    Unhappy Nothing is working

    Okay guys, i'm newbie here , and want to download or make a honda skin.
    I want to download any of the skins that you guys had, but none of those link work, i tried it and let my friend from his house to try it too.

    so i don't think it's my computer hehe.
    could someone help me on instruction pls or if there's any tutorial out there

    thank a million

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    MediaCar is dead. Take a look around for RoadRunner, which is more then healthy sucessor of MC. Uses same skins as MC.

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    thank you

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    yea... not to say anything but I tried getting MC and it wasn't working properly... I have yet to give RR a shot, my mobo's down due to the BIOS chip being corrupted, but once I'm back up and running I gotta give things a shot again...
    VER. 3.0- Check out below:
    車コンピュータ 3.0

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