Well, this is just a showoff post.
We're 25 guys (18-19 years old) who've built a bus for the annual "russefeiring" in Norway. This period of about 3 weeks is 21 days with alcohol and fun in celebration of the last stage in our education before going to universities.
Anyways, I just thought you would like to see the skin

We're using mediacar to control much of our soundsystem(a setup of 2 subs and 2 speakers costing us about 6000$ to rent for 3 weeks) with a p4 2.2 computer using two generators for the power. (Combined they provide us with 10 000W at 230v)

Well, back to the skin:

The reason the skin is 1024x768 is that we're using this computer to run a 3x clone in the bus, one 15" LCD 4:3 in the bar, where all the controls are, and 2x 17" LCD TVs Widescreen(16:9) elsewhere in the bus. They all run 1024x768.

This resembles the side of the bus which looks like this(Put onto the bus as decal):

(big picture)

I don't have a picture of the bus yet with the decal.

Well, as I said, this is just a showoff post, as most people don't use mediacar any more. But just post in this thread if you want me to upload it.