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Thread: Media Car Problem??

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    Media Car Problem??

    I not sure if this is the media car causing it or my pc setup, but lets say i'm playing a long mp3 (liveset) which is 90mins long and i'm at 45mins, then i shout down the pc I turn it back on the next day and it's back to the begining of the mp3 which ****es me off because i dont wanna listen to the first 45mins againg, so guys is there something wrong with my set up, or is there a solution to this problem?
    any help greatly appreciated guys

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    I dont know mediacar's functions... there is however (yes, I know this is the answer to all MC questions, but I just dont know MC enought to know) a new clone of mediacar that is much more developed, and is updated constantly called Road Runner. It has all the features of meia car and much more. There is a forum here and you can get it from

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    ^^^is it compatible with media car skins?

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