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Thread: IMO, Best CarPC frontend there is

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    IMO, Best CarPC frontend there is

    OMG, I just got MediaCruiser setup and played with it and all I can say is this is easily the best frontend there is. It's simple, fast, and easy to use while driving! I've only had a few issues with music skipping. The only other thing I could see making this better without making it bloated like the others would be a day/night gamma setting and maybe a backup camera.

    I hope MediaCruiser isn't dead.

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    Have you tried all of them?
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    I second slffl's opinion, the other front ends seem to lack the simplicity of Mediacruiser, and in a CarPC, that is what I would think we are after!

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    All except VOICE.

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    Thanks A LOT for your comment...

    I code this programm for my own use but I am glad that other people like it!

    An no itsn't dead!
    Epia M9000, lili 7" vga&touch & 2xTM-7002S compo, camera with reversed image, 2.5" 60 GB, 256Mb DDR, Opus 90W, GPS usb... AND MEDIACRUISER of course!

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    Id have to agree to that so far, its quite possibly the best for my needs

    I was thinking about writing my own web based one so you run the browser in Kiosk mode and access local web pages (ASP).. anyway, its a thought.

    My only niggle is it would be great to have tracks listed as their Id3 info rather than filename, with customisable columns.. Id better learn delphi.

    Thanks for making this available to everyone

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    Unhappy hmmm

    now it's dead.. can't find a latest binary anymore

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