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Thread: Meedio is the shiznik!

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    Meedio is the shiznik!

    I found this site that is for HTPC computers and i think it is awsome and very cutomizable. Loads decent and runs pretty good. It pretty much is a cut off of Windows XP MCE auctually but it is hella tight! Anybody else using this?

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    We all love Meedio. Some use it in their cars, but most of us just use it at home.
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    It's pretty cool at home.. not sure about the GAPPY MP3 playback though. Mixed albums sound nasty with 500ms gaps between the tracks!

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    Meedio can't be closed directly by windows xp (with itps control) create a mistakes in meedio and the pc can't shut down

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    I suggest you also to try MyHTPC... it was the predecessor of Meedio, whit a good and skinnable interface and some better audio/video support thru windows media player. It can also be configured to open external apps and work well with non recent hardware

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