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Thread: Meedio for the Carputer

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    Meedio for the Carputer

    I have searched and found a few older threads, but I would like to know if anybody has been using Meedio regularly with their carputer. I came here with a skinning background in Meedio, so it would be ideal to tweak this for the carputer.

    Any pros, cons?

    To me it has the simplest interface of most of the frontends, and has built in players, which will help on memory usage.

    Seems they have some nice new horizantal themes now for Meedio also.
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    i use meedio day in and day out for the carputer. its the best! i use a theme called betatwistpro. they guy there built up a incredible theme.. with tons of customization options. he is the first guy i have dontated to... im that impressed by it.

    any specific questions??

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    I use meedio and I love it. The only thing I dont like is the way the music player works, having to queue up an entire playlist every time you start up, which takes about 15 full seconds. Also, after running through the playlist for a while, changing tracks and such seems to lag behind. It seems like Meedio just isn't meant to play large playlists.

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    I do use it as well and I like it. I created my own theme which to suit my needs. Its not entirely finished, I need to find some good icon set to match it.
    Since last week, Medio biggest gap (missing proper GPS integration) is gone with meeDestinator plugin. Its simply the best I have seen and used yet.

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    meedio's pretty rediculously awesome, gonna admit

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    yes it is, moreover versions 1.39 to 1.41 were intentionally distributed with NO copy protection as PRO versions (incl. TV support). Unfortunatelly, Meedio is no longer supported as it has been bought by Yahoo.

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