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Thread: Meego Vehicle infotainment platform

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackHandy View Post
    So can I assume that if I want to run Meego on something without an Intel graphics chip then I would have to compile it from source?

    On the Meego forum, I was asking some noobish questions on installing a driver and your advice got me further along but I got stuck again when the installer couldn't find the kernel source.

    So this Meego deal might be over my head for now; it sounds like it's going to eventually be as user friendly as my android phone. In the mean time, should I pursue other platforms to hone my Linux knowledge such as Gentoo or Linux from Scratch? Or should I keep struggling with Meego?
    It never hurts to learn more. I'd start with something simple like ubuntu. As for non-intel graphics, you should be able to run the nvidia/ati installers for linux. The missing kernel source probably means you need to install the kernel headers package for your kernel version.
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    I'll try installing the headers and see how that goes. I've been using Ubuntu and the problem is that it's almost too easy. To install and run the OS and install new programs, I can use GUI programs and not need to know what an rpm or git directory is; everything can be click and run.

    Another method of working with Meego would be using Xephyr and chroot. I saw a thread on the Meego forum about how to get that to work with non-Intel graphics but the benefits of running Meego this way are not apparant. My goal is to get a music player with a convenient UI onto Meego (maybe get the hands-free working) then stick the computer in my truck. Added functionality will come as Meego is developed and I gain experience. It sounds like you have to do a few keystrokes to load up Meego going the Xephyr route so this doesn't sound ideal.

    Overall I really like what I see with Meego. With an SSD, it boots quick. With no offense to LinuxICE, I like the UI of Meego over nghost and I don't get stuck in menus like I did trying out LinuxICE.

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