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Thread: MeeGo coming on strong

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    MeeGo coming on strong

    MeeGo was all over the news today, with Nokia emphasizing its importance to the company in the near future:

    Ars Technica: MeeGo a no-show at NokiaWorld, but CTO says it's "critically important"

    and here's a video of a WeTab booting up in 16 seconds. The WeTab has quite impressive specs for a tablet:

    A capacitive touch screen, 32-64GB SSD, Intel Atom N450 processor, 1080p HD playback support a Broadcom Crystal HD card, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ambient light sensor, accelerometer and Windows 7 Home Premium. If you want to know how you’ll be able to connect with this monster tablet, its got 2x USB 2.0, HDMI, SD Card reader, SIM slot and a docking port that will have LAN, HDMI and additional ports. All this weighing in at 990g with a 35Wh battery lasting 4 – 5 hours.

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    weetab looks cool. Hopefully it'll be available in the US soon.
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