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Thread: Meego IVI Status Thread

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    From the IVI mailing list, Julien states:

    I've had a look there and it seems there is a misunderstanding.
    Applications developed in Qt should not need to be recompiled for each vendor platform.
    When a car manufacturer design their own UI/UX, an application designed on the reference MeeGo-IVI platform will work and will take the specific style of the car manufacturer.
    Works the same with Qt between applications made for the desktop platforms and running on Windows/OSX and Linux.
    "Qt automatically uses the native desktop style for an application’s look and feel. Qt applications respect user preferences for colors, fonts, sounds, and other desktop settings."
    It would make sense to adopt the same process in MeeGo, differentiating the styles based on the usage:
    MeeGo-IVI, MeeGo-Handset, MeeGo-Tablet, MeeGo-Netbook styles.
    Vendors (car manufacturers) could then modify the default MeeGo-IVI style to their liking, making sure that the apps would run with their own Look'n'Feel.

    Some more details about the session Rudolf ran at the MeeGo Conference:
    Was there myself and brought a bit of clarity, even though there is still a lot of work to do.


    Thanks Juilien!

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    Back to the regularly scheduled programming...

    The IVI Working Group is now meeting on a routine basis (every Tuesday) and posting minutes here:

    Note: the IVI Working group provides direction for the Project Team to implement.

    From the latest meeting the following was produced:

    MeeGo IVI Mission Statement
    1. MeeGo IVI is development organization; GENIVI is trendsetting and strategic organization.
    2. “The MeeGo IVI team is delivering and maintaining an open-source software distribution enabling next
    generation in-vehicle infotainment systems."

    No Project Team meetings have been held -- the first one in about two weeks.

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