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Thread: Getting my Touch Screen to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by pod25music View Post
    Well you say don't use TouchKit, but the built in touch screen function does NOT work and I have no clue how to make it work. I can find nothing on the internet to help, except to ask here, but I'm getting no where.

    I think I have figured out the problem with TouchKit. I am using Xorg version 1.9 and TouchKit only goes to 1.7 so the driver most likely will not work.
    You didn't mention the version of meego you are running.

    Nasa, what bug are you talking about? I'm using the latest meego on this pinetrail tablet with egalax touchscreen and it's working fine. Also, evtouch really shouldn't be used at all. evdev is probably the way you want to go.
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    I notice that both evdev and egalax are both pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.10

    I was using the latest version of Meego, I have also tried an older version.

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    The Bug is 12777 (Search on or use the link in the previous post. Meego defaults to using evtouch (at least that's what is reported on the bug) which I really haven't looked at, since in the past it just worked (once I removed the appropriate file). When I say latest, I am talking about weekly builds. Take a look at the bug report -- it's actually pretty good at explaining the problem.

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    I have decided to start from scratch.
    I could not get Ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10 to install, so I put 10.10 back in and guess what, my touch is working this time !!!
    It needs calibrating, but at least it works.

    So rather than mess this up by trying LinucIce or Meego, I would now rather install a software front end, one that works like Centrafuse.
    Any recommendations ?

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