My post was never supposed to detract from the work the dev's did. However your comment of dev's not helping the new dev's out does not sit with me well at all - if that was the case we'd have no opensource movement. Now my point was that if they made it easier for the lurkers and hobbyist's to extend their OpenICE system (i.e. via basic perl/python plugin examples) it would have the effect of more people wanting to use OpenICE.

Now I made several lengthy posts on the old forum offering my help with a list of ideas to help change the direction of the project - it was never accepted.

I'm also in a position to offer help now. I can provide web / email hosting for the project and can probably find some spare boxes for compilation. I'm not a C++ developer I'm a Linux admin for a large telco. I'm happy to write documentation on the wiki. There must be backups of the old 'good' data somewhere?

I feel the reason people moaned about support was due to the varying hardware used. If a 'reference' platform was created i.e. a known 'good' configuration of components then this would reduce these type of complaints. There are a lot of people wanting a Linux based carputer.

Is anyone remotely interested in reviving this?