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March 13, 1979 (36)
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Went to school & got a degree in electronics engineering, but there aren't many jobs in Indiana looking for electronics engineers. I had been into programming since I was 10 (1989) with my tandy, and was better at that than anything, so I found an in and have been a software developer / engineer for the last 10 yrs. Was always into car audio, got my license, 1st car & 1st system in 1995 (Punch 4080, Punch 40, 2 Punch 200ix - Audio Control 3xs - Indash alpine bbe eq & alpine cd {pullout! - still have it}, MB Quart comps {german made, when they just said "quart" on the front & "quart mobil" on back}, & 4 soundstream reference 12's). My dad still brings up the fact I sold a race ready yamaha banshee for a "car radio".. Then I built my first "carputer" in 1997 using a compaq laptop on a custom homemade power supply / voltage reg / timed power tamer like thing (It was a brand new "Pentium2" 733mhz I got from a friend @ a local elec retailer (what a steal for $500! it retailed for $2500), it's screen was broken so I removed the case and mounted it in a lil fan cooled plexi box near my amps), and a 7" touchscreen I jacked from a CNC router machine at my dad's plant. I still have it, it's got a 1" metal frame, it's over 4" deep, and it's serial port connected (of course). The resolution was not great, but back then it was only about music anyway, so I made myself a linux friendly touchable GUI, used my "social engineering" skills to get some driver code from the mfr of the monitor to base my driver on, broke the bank on an external 8gb hdd, put a CF card slot in the dash, broke the bank again on a couple 128mb CF cards, (even had an old school token ring network card w/ bnc jack - in case I was impatient I could run a cable to my pc for xfer - before the usb hdd solved that) but none of my dumbass friends understood the point. "So all that ***** is like my cd changer?" I eventually got a scsi box and a 1x burner, and when I'd hand them the cd they wanted (on cdr) but didn't have 17$ for, or a mix of the good songs on 1 cdr - they shut the f@!k up! Since then Ive had countless variations, it's something I always set out to "complete" but even when I do, I start f@!king with it again the next week...
Car Details:
1992 Mustang 5.0 GT Conv (Since HS) - 2010 Tahoe (wife) - Blacked out 2011 370z coupe (dont buy 1)
Greenwood, IN
fix old electronics(usa made amps etc), speed (+pwr4evrythng),hardware hacking, atvs, assault rifles
Software Developer (all but graphic design)


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