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  1. hey, how goes it? if you still get on the forum, and get this message, i have a question about a post from a long time ago.

    my friend has an 06 honda civic and they need an aux-in jack, but dont have it. you wrote, "Honda built the 6-pin connector right into the car, so all you have to do is pop the plastic piece up from around your shifter. It will pop right off, there are no screws. The 6-pin connector is right there behind that in the dash. The in order to tap into it all you need is a stereo cable R+, L+, and a common -. Take the Brown, Black, and White wires and connect them all together with the common wire in from your addon cable. Then, hook the green with your R+ and the yellow to your L+ or your addon cable. You are set!!! Hit the CD/AUX button and listen to whatever you feed it."

    i'm actually an installer for best buy, so im deff not completely clueless. but i'm wondering what you mean by "a stereo cable R+, L+, and a common -". what is this cable? what type? or a link on the internet i could see what you mean or something. it would be so much appreciate! thanks
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