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  1. Its cool, I clutter up peoples posts, lol. The problem is with my install I really went overkill. There is just to much that i am adding, but I am happy to say that I am getting closer to the end. My issue is that I would build the PC then not like it. If you follow my worklog you see the PC ended up in 2 places before finding its final home. I would have actually been dont now, but i had to have 7.1 surround sound, I had to have a good BT phone solution, I had to have all screens touchscreens, including the 15" and I had to redesign the new center console, it just didnt look right. Good news is, I sent the front of my dash to Nexson, if you look in the fabrications area of the forums, you will see his work log on it, he has it looking so OEM, most def looks like something Dodge would do.
  2. Sup HiJack,
    Didnt want to clutter up your post; Still at it eh? Been following your project since day one bro., was hoping you were finished. I've been bragging on you and your project to one of my co-workers who also has a Durango, the "knuckle-head" doesnt believe u can pull it off, He doesnt even believe its possible even after showing him my install. He has no computer so he thinks it's all professionaly done. Anyway Keep up the good wk.
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