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Thread: Streets and Trips 2009: this suite is worthless for in-car navigation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScrapMaker View Post
    Thanks for the link, I will check this out!

    What's weird is that I am constantly getting 6-10 satellites, but SD and S&T won't 'lock.' I had similar problems with a windows mobile phone previously, and it was fixed with driver/firmware updates. Perhaps that is what I need as well... Thanks and I'll keep everyone posted. Supposedly this ublox5 chip is as good, if not better than sirfIII but only time will tell
    i had random times it wouldnt lock either. the whole gps capabilities of the program are lame. everything about streets and trips is pretty lame by todays standards to be honest.... but i have hope. with the Bing! overhaul microsoft has been going through, i actually see them revamping streets and trips, and probably just calling it Bing Travel for Windows. new interface, touchscreen friendly, and complete bing travel search integrated. i havent heard anything about them doing this yet, but it almost seems inevitable (and 2010 is a year many software makers want to turn a new page)

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    "What's weird is that I am constantly getting 6-10 satellites, but SD and S&T won't 'lock.'"

    6 to 10 satellites should be enough. The u-Blox5 based unit included in S&T09 is a usable unit. The chipset has a slightly better sensitivity than SiRFstarIII, but the antenna is smaller, so the over all performance is slightly worse than for example BU-353. But it is usable. I have been using it with no issue for at least a couple of months now (on a daily bases).

    Here's a brief review: u-Blox 5 USB GPS Stick - New GPS 'Locator' for Microsoft Streets and Trips

    The GPS receiver is not really made by u-Blox. Only the chipset is by u-Blox. The unit is made by company named Navation Technology, and the product name is Navation GPS 168 (it is on the sticker on the back of the unit). I'm not sure if it is a good idea to download a firmware from u-Blox site. Instead, you may want to check if there is a driver update available on Navation's site. But I'm not sure if that will solve your issue, which may or may not be related to the USB GPS receiver at all.

    Have you tested your set up with another USB GPS receiver? If not, could you? Or could you test the GPS unit on another PC?
    Streets and Trips

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