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    Mimics Documentation

    PDF User Manual

    PDF Basic installation

    Latest Firmware:
    Fimware Ver 1.2.1

    Driver & Update Utility:
    Driver & Firmware Updater

    Whats NEW -

    In this 'manual' version:
    v 1.2.2
    • Added detailed installation diagrams

    v 1.2.1
    • Updated new firmware loader information

    v 1.2
    • Official release

    In this 'firmware' version:
    v 1.2.1
    • Fixed issue when sometimes on initial pairing you had to press "Accept" for more than 1 second for button to react
    • Fixed random issue of touch losing position if screen was pressed after pairing, but before start up dialog popped up

    v 1.2.0
    • Official release

    In this 'Update utility' version
    v 1.10.3
    • Fixed random issues with initial bootloader communication error
    • No need to manually enter "terminal" baud rate any longer
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