Few quirks I have found so far.

I have my bu303 on com port 15 as my Win XP is saying com 3 - 14 are all taken *shrug* (its not releasing them for some reason).

Anyhoo in the confirguration screen it only displays up to com port 13 so to get around this I went into the settings.ini file and changed the com port to 15 manually. Note this was the only change I have made and I have compared an original settings.ini with my modified one and everything is still in the right place.

When I now load the confirguration screen it pops up with a error message 'Invalid property value'. (will get the exact message if needs be). It finds the GPS when it loads the main program so all is good there but I get that error every time I load the config screen and then it just loads a blank config box.

Also the 'unable to open com port' or something similar when windows comes out of standby although I think this has already been noted? Im sure it worked fine in the older front end destinator.