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Thread: MM and greek languge

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    MM and greek languge

    hello im just find this app and i have to say "you are the #1"...
    i find all that i need to run my maps in the MM, im just transfer it from my PPC to the laptop, but i have a problem, i use greek maps with the name of the streets in greek ( greek letters like this : "Καλή σας ημέρα") and in the MM the symbols not appear to me correctly. i send you a screen shot of my problem, please send me a sollution if you can for this. ( i can inform you that: when i open a greek web page with Netscape i get the same problem, to solve this problem i turn the encoding of this page to "greek iso-8859" i think or 8857

    thanks for your time
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    Run the .reg file, THEN REBOOT your PC and see what happens.
    I haven't tested this with MM, but with D3 it was ok!

    ***P.S. I am not the one that created this file. I dont remember the guy who posted this file some time ago.....
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