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Thread: Hotkeys Error on startup

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    Question Hotkeys Error on startup

    I've done a search of the posts cause I have been having a hotkeys error on startup. I saw someone else suffering this problem reinstalled and it worked OK.

    Having done this I am still having the same issue. I have just got Destinator 3 maps working after 2 weeks of pain so really reluctant to remove and reinstall just in case I can;t get it to work again but its annoying me to the point I may have to! Just wondered whether anyone knew of any other fix?


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    What's the error?
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    Error Details:

    Number: 429
    Description: ActiveX component can't create object
    Source: Init_Hotkeys
    Version: 1.1.348
    HelpContext: 1000429
    LastDllError: 0

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