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Thread: iGuidence setup destination on home pc then transfer to carPC

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    iGuidence setup destination on home pc then transfer to carPC

    Is there a way i can enter the deistation/favorites on my home pc (thus getting correct spelling ie: south 40th street instead of s. 40 street), transfer the data to a flash drive and load that information onto my carpc w/out having to go through the hell of guessing how iGuidence wants to have the data input? It's a pain to spend the first 15min in my car trying to figure out how to plot my destination on a little 7" screen. Anybody?

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    maybe i'm just weird for wanting to do this?

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    I've done it several times. The info is saved in
    C:\iNav iGuidance\favorites.dat
    If you copy that file from the home PC to the car, you'll get those favorites. If you want to keep any old favorites, you should copy the file in the car to the home, add what you want, then copy it back. I just synchronize it.

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    Cool tip Curiosity I am currently using ezsync to sync. So if I put the dat file in the filter it will synt that to.. thanks.
    KIAs can have car pcs too..

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    thanks a million. i'm going out of state on several ocassions and i know this'll be a life saver!

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