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Hey Red,
Thanks for the release... Just downloaded and installed in on my laptop for now. will go in the carpc later tonight. after playing on the laptop for a little while i see a few things that seemed out of place. The laptop is a core 2 duo with 1 gig ddr ram its the latest and sort of the greatest for us work ppl. so after installing and bringing it up. the laptop is set to 1280x800 so MI just came up in a corner of the screen, I don't have Iguidance installed on this laptop so when i pressed the GPS button a black screen came up but a split screen came up beside the main window with the main menu except that the GPS button said Phonecontrol on it. Here is a screenshot of it.

This is actually exactly what is supposed to happen. If you had a dual screen system with it set up for windows extended desktop, you would see the gps screen on the first monitor and this main menu would show on the 2nd screen for the passengers. Im going to go ahead and close this post, everyone please post here ->

Mobile Impact New Version 4.0a Beta Released