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Thread: Mobile Impact New Version 4.0a Beta Released

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    I'm now running this frontend and loving it. It is simple, functual and does everything that I need it to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatInTheHat View Post
    I'm having this exact issue. Was this ever resolved?
    Ok, this is the craziest thing ive ever seen, but i think i may have a little bit of a resolution for you. Again guys i appologize for the delay in my response. What that "Ask" logo one of the XM radio station logo's built into the program, so i havent the foggiest idea what has has caused that. I did notice that you had no animated logo going on the program startup and that tells me that you Dont have the latest shockwave and flash players installed, so that will resolve that error message.

    No for the installation on a fresh XP install...The program and the visualizations tend to run the best if you have installed Medial Player version 10. The next thing to make sure is that you have the latest flash player and shockwave players installed as mentioned above. Also Do NOT install internet explorer 7, All of my test installations and development have been with the components from internet explorer 6. Because internet explorer is so integrated into windows, it will have an effect on how things are running at the kernel level of the operating system. Also the program has problems with the Mini win xp installations as not all of the drivers are present causing further problems. Get that stuff installed and see if your still having these problems occur. Let me know. thanks.
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