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Thread: Feature Request: Ability to copy files

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    Feature Request: Ability to copy files

    I would love to see the ability to copy files from an external flash or usb drive within MI. I've been using MI on and off for the past few years and have always wished I could just pop in a flash drive with some new music and copy it to the hard drive.
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    there are external programs that do this in the background

    you can eitehr make a batch file that does it

    but i use a specific program, which i dont know the name of, i'll post it later tonight after i get in the car.

    it works wonderfully, you can have different profile, one for music, one for videos, and have a source where your thumb drive would be, and it would automatically detect your thumb drive plugged in, start the transfer, and it does it all in the background while MI is running.

    i'll get you the name of the program tonight.

    but an integrated one with MI would be nice.

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    sorry for the late response

    the program is called always sync

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    Quote Originally Posted by senseless228 View Post
    sorry for the late response

    the program is called always sync
    Hmm, sounds interesting....
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