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Thread: Dumb question time.... sorry.

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    Dumb question time.... sorry.

    what is mobile emulator 1.1? what does it do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim97rs
    what is mobile emulator 1.1? what does it do?
    Its ok, I dont think its dumb. It is a game console emulator. It uses several different programs to run game roms.
    You know the old Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis Game consoles right? Well these emulator programs allow you to play the games on your computer. There is no special hardware to buy. You just go on the internet and search for games that have already been downloaded.
    After you download them, just copy them somewhere and Mobile Emulator allows you to browse to where the downloaded files are. When you click on the file, then depending on the rom type, the program knows which emulator to run the game in.
    Here are a couple of good rom download sites: - Easy, Free - Read through the site, wait for it to load all the way - free, watchout for popups and spyware active x
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    Let me add that it work pretty fast and doesn't use to much sys resources, thanks again RED for a wonderful APP

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