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Thread: iGmod on Mobile Impact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim97rs
    iGuidance is a great (almost) GPS program. it however cannot read your mind... ya know how many "maple streets" or "37th st s.w." or "broadways" there are in how many cities in the US? it has to know the city first in order to find the street/address you want.
    EXACTLY TIM! Tha'ts the point, it shouldnt' ask you for city first!!
    If it knows its gonna be a hard task to find Main st. in the state of New York, why does it ask??
    2.1 is almost the same as 2.0 in that regard, I think the changes in the two versions are behind the scenes in the programming rather than the look of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MobiTekLink
    If it knows its gonna be a hard task to find Main st. in the state of New York, why does it ask??
    because it has no way to know if you're wanting Mian street in NY city or Los Angeles, or Seattle.
    I guess, unless i misunderstood the whole point of our discussion, it seems logical for a GPS program that covers thousands of cities with hundreds and hundreds of the same street names in all those different cities, that it should need to know first which city to look in to give you the right info to your given street name.

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    iGuidance interface update

    The interface that Im currently developing for iGuidance automatically takes the user to city first if street first is selected, its all internal and there is no way to avoid it. It was an easy work around a minor difficulty that I had. I have also found 2 bugs so far in iGuidance 2.1. The program actually crashes with one, and on the other one, it doesnt do what its supposed to do.
    Bug 1 -> If you go to Destinations, then Intersection, then dont type anything in, and hit the Ok button a few times, the program intermittently crashes.

    Bug 2 -> If you go to Destinations then Points of Interest, then attraction, then Hit select all, then hit by distance, then hit the info button on anything selected in the list, then hit the nav button, it doesnt do anything but closes all the menus, and doesnt actaully plot the route.

    I wonder if they fixed these in more recent versions.

    The new version is very close to completion now. I am on the Point of Interest menus now and have them fairly complete. The rest of the menus are all done. The program reads the system registry to obtain settings, so when you go into the display or route options, it shows which items are selected. I expect to finish next week at the latest.
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