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Thread: Playlist Problem Workaround (w/ an External Application)

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    Playlist Problem Workaround (w/ an External Application)

    Hello there fellow Mobile Impact users,

    First I'd like to say that out of the several front ends that I've tried in the past, this one seems to be the most promising one.

    However, I can't listen to all of the thousands of MP3s that I have without proper playlists categorizing each group.
    I was disappointed to find out that people are having a hard time transferring their playlists from one program (Windows Media Player or Winamp) to be compatible with Mobile Impact.
    I did a bit of -ing and found that the issue was already referred to by the program's creator and here's his suggested fix:

    As for MY fix,
    I've created a Command-Line program that converts Winamp Generated Playlists only (for now... Working on a visual program to do both Winamp & WMP).
    There are only two rules to follow when using it:
    1) Make sure you do not move the original playlist you've created in Winamp from it's folder/drive.
    2) Make sure you pay close attention to the backslashes ('\') when entering the file's path.
    Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you run into bugs.

    Like I said, I'm currently working on a Visual program to make it easier for everyone to use. So be on a look out in this thread.
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