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Thread: Select album to play via album art

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    Quote Originally Posted by xGumbyx
    The way I understand from your description is that you'd have to click an album (by art), click "Add all files", click file mode, click album mode, click an album, click "Add all files", to append these to the current playlist. Is this correct? If this is the case, would it be possible to have another button called "Select another album" and that would refresh the page to that the songs that were just selected were added, and the user can then add a second, third, fourth etc. OR maybe there is a way to have a button that would allow for the keypress and hold of ctrl.

    Just a few thoughts.

    No not that complicated. You click an album art, then click "add all files" then click another album art and then click "add all files" etc. You just cant click and highlight Album 1, then click Album 2 and album 1 still stays highlighted etc. You dont have to switch back and forth between modes. A nice thing is that when you hit the save button it automatically changes mode back to file mode for you. I tried to make it as automated as possible and tried to maintain the programs simplicity.
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    That seems quite adequate to me. As long as a) the user doesnt have to switch screens to add music to the playlist (once the person is already in the playlist editor of course) when selecting multiple albums. Any thoughts of taking the user back to the audio player instead of to file mode after saving? Or is that what you meant?

    On another note I am going to send you a private message so be on the lookout


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