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Thread: Need help with resolution

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    Need help with resolution

    Anyone out there with a m10k and xenarc?
    This is a great front end but noticed most of you who post and say you used this frontend have lilliputs. Are there any xenarc owners out there who have gotten this frontend to display correctly. On launching Mobile Impact my xenarc switches from 800x600 at 75hz to 800x480 at 60hz. This means I cant see the bottom of the screen. Windows xp sp1a. 96dpi for font force 800x600 is checked anyother sugestions. Could it be the xenarcs are incompatible with this frontend using this setup m10k 700tsv.
    I also know the holy grail will never be found (via 800x480). Sorry Red I searched I just could not find the answer. IF you have a xenarc pleae post your settings.Bios 1.16 on m10k

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    I have a MII 12000 and had a similar problem. I had to install the graphics drivers from via and I was able to select what freq I wanted in windows under advanced. Then I just set it to 75hz and it displays ok on my xenarc. The only problem is 75hz seems to be a bit fuzzier than 60hz and there is some strange very faint lines in light colors. I'm also wonder what others have done with their xenarc and these embedded graphics cards?

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    Have you checked to see if there is a BIOS update for your board? my understanding is that there is one out there to allow use of 800x480 as the basic out of the box mb doesn't accept 800x480.

    I don't think the problem is with the monitor but just your board\OS not knowing how to display the resolution correctly without the BIOS update.

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    Well the monitor will adjust to those other resolutions fine, it just isn't a native resolution so you get pixel sheering.

    From research there is no 800x480 bios update for the MII 1200 that will allow 16:9 resolutions. There is one huge thread about it, but it doesn't apply to the MII 12000 and the hack that someone put together doesn't seem to actually do much. I'm hoping the manufacturer comes out with something soon. We need everyone to email them to let them know they need to make a bios patch to support those extra resolutions. They've done this with their other boards, just not the MII yet.

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