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Thread: What is the BEST Settings to Watch DivX in my Mobile Impact?

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    What is the BEST Settings to Watch DivX in my Mobile Impact?


    I have a question, What is the best Settings to create a DivX Movie?, I do Videos to PocketPC, but is small screen resolution (320 x 240), so in another words I need:

    1) Screen Size
    2) Frames per Seconds (FPS)
    3) Bitrate

    I'm using:
    • Via Blaxtream TC-1000 with 1 Ghz CPU, 266 Bus (DDR), VGA card, Sound Card and Lan Card on board.
    • CPU: 1G
    • Memory: 512MB DDR RAM
    • Hard Drive; 40 GB Hard Drive-5400 RPM and 8 M Cache

    Thanks my Friends.

    P.D. I'm New and I'll put my CarPC in my Jetta, I'll put a Pictures.

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    I make AVIs 320x240 at 29.9 fps and they fill the screen when MI goes full screen. Sorry, i haven't paid attention to the bitrate.

    I did notice WMVs have slightly better quality and are a bit smaller (in MB).

    Pocket DVD Studio (palm edition) work great.

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