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    any idea on when we will be able to either buy the cable to get a copy of the schematics to make our own?

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    I also notice that the bar at the bottom of the screen doesn't move whith the Video... you can grab it and slide it, but it does nothing.

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    Got the new update. The bug fixes make this a lot nicer Only one last complaint, besides it needing more funcionality (which I know will come with time), is the navigation buttons for switching between Album, Artist, Genre etc.. I'm not a fan of having them all in one spot. I liked it how it was with Alpha 4. It seems to me that there is plenty of space between the repeat button and the mini visual for the same buttons you had on the old version.
    I'm loving it!
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    WOW Just gave MMC a test run.. Got to say............. LOVE IT! Keep up the good work! Hardware hacking articles

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    Not working at all!!!

    M1odule named DW20.exe using 99% prosessor and after you wait a while hole mmc crashes. It doesnt even get to the mmc desktop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F4kk3r0
    M1odule named DW20.exe using 99% prosessor and after you wait a while hole mmc crashes. It doesnt even get to the mmc desktop.
    I don't think DW20.exe belongs to MMC. I did a google search for it and everything looks like it is a component of Microsoft Office. I found this through Google:
    Windows disk full trouble...
    On my laptop I was constantly running out of diskspace. All the time I compressed everything I could, but I kept running out of diskspace. I was getting really ****ed why this was happening so I searched my disk for big files. The Windows temp directory on my Windows Server 2003 (c:\windows\temp) was full of 100MB big files, and they kept comming. I wondered which application was creating them, so I used filemon.exe from A great utility to monitor all disk access. It happened to be the dw20.exe application, an error reporting application from Office 2003 (which is also installed on my machine!). After searching Google (searching at Microsoft makes no sense!) I found a link to an article at It describes how to turn off error reporting (don't know what is going wrong, everything seems to work, but errors kep getting generated I think).

    I tried to follow their directions, but could not find the mentioned Group Policy Object Editor. Finally found it: execute mmc.exe from run... Do Add/Remove snap-in, select Add and select “Group Policy Object Editor“. Now follow the instruction in the article, and set Disable error reporting to Enabled. Now error reporting is disabled! The registry settings also described in the article did not work for me...

    Finally I can get back to developing again!
    The mmc.exe this guy is referring to is not MMC. He is referring to the Microsoft Management Console.

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    Drivesoft On Car Audio Mag( Buy or Build)

    I saw pimp my ride the other day and I did not get the name of the company that in stalled the computer in the scion. Then again I did not look for it much. Recent I received a copy of car audio mag and they were on the cover and a five page article on their system (don’t know who's *** there kissing but I must be the right one. Then again the product may sell itself as it is doing to me)

    So I started searching the net and found them In many places. I wanted to see what was being said and get some more info. I was going to buy one after seeing a demo at a car audio store but then I saw this site with people making their own kits etc and software like mediaengine etc. Basically I am lost now. It seems like a difficult job to put it together and there system was $2550. Don’t know what to do. I see some people talking good about it here am some saying other things.

    They were on MTV and now on car audio cover which I get in the mail along with 160,000 copies that goes out to people and car audio stores around the country, from what the book claims anyway. Basically now that I see that the company is legitimate I just need to decide if I will buy it or do my own unit. Which I don’t know anything about pc’s.

    I call drivesoft and ask then directly about something’s I read on this site like their interface being kind of simple etc. They said “Drivesoft and well as other companies can’t fire all their ideas at the consumer all at once if you want to succeed. We have may option that we hold back until we see other companies doing the same thing then we release new feature and pull away from the rest until it needs to happen again. You will see interface option later. We have been around since 1998 and we hope to stay around. Also we currently have 18,500 software package sales since MTV that seem to be all working fine as well as our resent rush on the Drivesoft system totaling over 2700 units in the US, Canada and all the way to Europe” So dose this mean they will hold features back from me so they can get more money later…… well I guess I should not complain since this is what most companies do. Their just being honest I guess.

    Should I buy or build? The last time I priced my parts to do it right was about 1900 with every possible option. Dose that sound about right because if so I think I may spend the extra 600 and get the drivesoft unit ready to go with the software.

    Not sure if this is the correct area to post this. Sorry if it is not

    i want one now

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    Yes, please let us know what the status is...

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    Talking NEW UPDATE: MMC Alpha 5 Rev 5

    Here is the latest update

    * Complete scroll bar implemented now with mouse wheel support for all lists.
    * Optimizations have been done. Visuals are a little better on resources. Some
    of the visuals are just cpu intensive... I am still working on it.
    * More DVD fixes
    * Need more testing....
    user: mp3car
    pass: betanext

    Thanks everyone!
    Ben S. Stahlhood II
    Hybrid Mobile
    MMC/Transcend Developer

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    cool. DVD is working great for me. visuals now work better too!

    any word on re-arranging to columns in xm view?...thats really all it needs to start being usable

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