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    It might be my memory, but i'm sure that product has been on their site for months, even round the time they were actually replying to posts.
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    It has been on there for quite a while.
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    2 1/2 Cents

    Well from what I have read so far. Beta testers help with a peice of software. I have beta tested for Microsoft for years. Microsoft has always given the final products to the beta testers. But then again. We are not dealing with Microsoft. We are dealing with people that want to make alittle money. Im all for making alittle money. It goes with the saying. Dont forget the people that got you there. The Grinch and a few others are correct, MP3Car should have gotten a copy of this final product. I know Im not like alot of you that have posted endless counts of messages, but I have a opinions like all others do. I think the owners of mp3Car should take down the forums of MMC. For the reasons that its DIRECT COMPETITION of thier own survival. I have spoken with somone from MP3Car. Super people. As a matter of fact. They even called me back on THIER DIME. Four of my employee's bought alot of thier stuff from mp3car. The ending point is this. MMC should be removed. Its been abandoned unless you have 2000.00+ bucks. If I came in here and posted everything that MP3Car is trying to sell. Everyone here knows dam well that I would be removed from the site. Anyways, I think the staff of MP3Car has the final say so if MMC should be removed. But from watching/reading around. MP3Car leaves alot of the decisions up to the users. I think a vote should be made and remove/keep MMC and other abandoned software. Im not looking for a flame, Im not looking for anything. Just a way to settle this democratically. Anyways, I have tried every software on this forum. I tell you they all are good. They all have thier strong and weak points. If it was up to me. I would put all these brilliant minds together and create one hell of a FRONT END. I mean, my god, in this forums alone there are some of the greatest talent and could make the best dam front end ever.

    Anyways, 2 1/2 cents cant buy anything.


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    Seriously.... quit flaming or taking oposing stances... Either you are against them think that they should be removed, yada, yada, yada and KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THEY HAVE ABANDONED MP3CAR MEMBERS DESPITE OUR TESTING EFFORTS (i.e. you MUST have emailed or called them to get this official position, or you must know FOR A FACT that they are selling a complete version fo their software - just being listed on the site DOES NOT MEAN JACK!)...

    Stop accusing and condeming (they ripped us off (accusation), and should be removed immediately (condemnation) with ZEEEEEEERO proof... wtf is wrong....? if you want to accuse and condemn then give them a call ON YOUR DIME, as you say, or email them, dont just come in flaming the hell out of them...

    here is the situation as it stands:

    1. some people upset because mmc has been "abandoned on the forums"
    2. mmc has been listed on their website for sale (as if it had been finished for months)
    3. mmc developers posted that they were going to get back to it but had had some problems (personal)
    4. the mmc people have not been aorund here for a while
    5. ppl in 1 put no 2, and no 4 together and started this whle discussion....

    I'm all for discussion but someone who thinks the world (or in this case hybrid) is out to get them should pick up the phone or email them before they make all this foam over here..... And yeah, I dont call or e-mail them cause I'm not here speculating what they do... for what I care they will come back any day with more betas... if you think they are evil and out to get us then you email them for proof THEN you start this torment....

    of course this is just my opinion and the ppl who love starting heated arguments over speculation are all going to come down on me...

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    RoyN, I agree with you. I think with all the talent there is here. A group could be formed and make the ultimate front end. And no...Im not just taking sides. Im sick of the same B.S. Anyways....back to life...


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    Did you sign any type of agreement?

    If so did you read it?

    It should have told you what you can expect from them and what they expect from you in return. Did they do what was in the agreement?

    If the answer for either of the first two is no... well it is your own damn fault.
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    so we can't download it for free now?

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    Damn, $2,500.00 I hope there's a warranty with that And damn again, i never got to try that front end guess i will stick with RR for now.
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    I know we're talking 2,500 sounds like its very high, but ionno. And ionno the installation market very well, but I remember a while back some kid posted a message here for a professional "carputer" install and he was claiming a great deal at $4k with install. So maybe they're not as crazy as we think. But like I said, ionno.


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    stop it (Price critizise) !

    So what do we have here:
    MP3's, Videos, DVD,Satellite Radio, future expandibility, ....
    for 2500$
    is a little cheaper than e.q. a Blaupunkt Chicago IVDM CarInfotainment system !
    Future expandibiltiy at the "Blau"system ? Yes ! If you buy a complete new unit for 2000bucks again

    My VW RNS MFD unit i bought 5 years ago with my VW Polo for 2500 Eurobucks is now crap for the dustbin !
    MP3 ? DVD ? expandibility in any way ? VW/Blaupunkt(OEM) laughs at me !
    I can not install a new OS - I can not connect a USB device to it...

    Guys wake up this is not a CAR-PC ! this targets the CarInfotainment market !

    A clever idea IMHO but not profesionalised enough: (FM Radio ? TMC supported Navigation? Special Linux adaption or Windows XP embedded ?)
    and I think it is marketed to much as CARPC ...

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