Everyday, members of Mp3Carís forum seem to come up with some amazing solutions to everyday problems encountered in the car computing world. Seeing that we have a pretty steady blog going on, I figured that it is about time to highlight some of these solutions a little more publically. This gives opportunity for outsiders to see what we are all about here and give due recognition to those who demonstrate their skills to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. In turn I hope this inspires yourself and others to innovate your own solutions to whatever troubles come your way.

Forum member AvWuff has come up with an interesting solution to adding phone support to a CarPC . Handsfree bluetooth is a touchy subject when it comes to car computers. There are so many complications. Software support only seems to work half the time (if at all). Limiting factors include: Phone manufacturer, Bluetooth stack, Bluetooth hardware, Microphone, Sound card, echo cancellation, frontend integrationÖ the list really could go on for a while. Meanwhile AvWuff, dissatisfied with software based solution, went a slightly different route.

Using a Parrot Ck3000 evolution, an Adruino board and some other odds and ends, Av hacked together a new system to interface with his custom home-brew software. He took apart the Parrot device and soldered some wires on for relay control. Using the Parrot mute box, he used the speaker outputs to connect to the Adruino board to determine the state of the bluetooth and trigger commands on the computer. Though not as intuitive as the software, this rendition works. Read on to see the pros and cons.

The left three relays are controlled by the Arduino and are To get the full explanation, read up on it here . Or check out his project page. If you're interested in this, I highly recommend you drop by Av's website to see some other stuff he has worked on. www.avbrand.com

Thanks Av for contribution!

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